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The Peace of Mind Credit Repair Checklist

Our goal is to provide a fantastic customer experience and the most effective credit repair services available. When it comes to credit repair, there is a right way to do the job.

Here is a list of the tasks we perform that make Peace of Mind Credit Repair the smart choice for anyone looking for genuine, lasting credit improvement.

1. Hands-on Analysis

When you sign up with us, we will analyze each line of your report in search of even the most subtle compliance issues. Identifying dispute candidates in an informed and precise manner ensures the best results.

Many issues that depress your scores are not self-evident. Finding them is a hands-on job. Some companies provide no expert analysis, merely asking their customers to select the issues themselves online, thereby reducing the role of the company to that of printing and mailing dispute letters.

2. Timely Dispute Letters

We work fast. Your dispute letters are sent in a timely manner, accommodating only the processing time the bureaus are allowed.

The credit bureaus are allowed 30 days to process a dispute letter. Some credit repair companies stretch out the dispute schedule, often spacing rounds as much as 60 days apart - and dispute only 2 or 3 items per bureau.

Unless your situation dictates otherwise, we dispute 15 items (5 items per bureau) every 35 days to deliver the value you deserve.

3. Customized Re-Dispute Letters

If an initial dispute does not result in deletion or correction, we will respond with a customized re-dispute.

Our customized re-disputes explicitly rebut the initial results and demand further research. Responding to verifications in this manner can make a dramatic difference.

Many companies simply keep the item on their to-do list and resend the same dispute letter, often dragging out the process needlessly.

4. Rebuilding and Restructuring Guidance

We know what it takes to achieve real lasting credit score improvement. The right advice can create sensational results.

We always review the content and structure of your reports in search of opportunities to improve your scores. This may include opening accounts, closing accounts, reducing or redistributing balances, and more.

Our expert guidance makes a big difference. It may be the difference that allows you to reach your credit goal.

5. Responsive Customer Service

You have the right to expect a smooth experience. If you have questions you deserve answers. And the answers you get should be delivered in a timely manner. We promise that our customer support will impress you from day one.

Wait until you experience what a real professional can do for you. We invite you to join us today!

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